Handler information, which trailers are part of the same handling process and used by which handler.


Battery usage is kept to the minimum. Of course you are always aware of the current status of the battery.


Localize equipment by using acceleration detection in combination with GPS localization and network capacities.


Status information like if equipment is moving or stationary is gathered by acceleration detection.


Temperature measurement to optimize temperature during the logistic-process of valuable goods.

Just a trailer on it's way, 
or a new business track?

“We make steel intelligent”

GSEtrack offers an outstanding solution for localization of non-motorized ground support equipment (GSE) at airports. There’s nothing like it anywhere in the world.

Receive valuable location and equipment data, without network installation or communication costs. 

We combined everything in a small device that can be installed in less than one minute, no IT skills required. The devices can be used worldwide, without special permissions. All information is available anytime, anywhere via the GSEtrack web-based software.

Want to see for yourself?

GSEtrack offers total logistic control


By using acceleration detection in combination with our special network capacities the energy consumption of the trackers can remain 'ultra low'. Perfect for non-motorised ground support equipment. This way your trailers transmit their position, status and maintenance information on just one battery charge for up to three to five years.


Optimized for your systems

With the use of GSEtrack, information of your ground support equipment is transferred to the cloud. This information is standard displayed via our Salesforce module. The GSEtrack data can also be connected to your own system by using our API's. No problem whatsoever.


The app

All the information you need is available via the application. For instance: the location of the equipment, which equipment needs maintenance or who is the equipment handler. A clear overview of all elements is integrated in one easy application that GSEtrack provides – available for desktop, tablet and mobile!

The airport in the palm of your hands 

No hassle

Each GSEtracker automatically joins or initiates the network without any configuration.
Long life

The GSEtracker has it’s own power supply on board that can be operational up to 3 to 5 years.
Rugged and waterproof
The GSEtracker is very strong and meets IP67 standards. It’s truly high tech, ultra compact and energy efficient.

GSEtrack – a worldwide solution

With Amsterdam Airport Schiphol as our first client, we have a great ambassador for expanding GSEtrack within the global aviation industry. Today Frankfurt, Paris Charles de Gaulle and Dubai Airport made their non-motorized GSE smart already. We are very busy setting up the GSEtrack solution in Brussels, Madrid and London.

Never lose track of ground support equipment again


Specs and Services

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